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  • Duration: 2 Year
  • Date: July, October, February & May
  • Hours: 5 hours (10 – 5)
  • Study Location: Kumaripati
  • Fees: Rs. 75,000
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Science is the most high profile course you can choose for your study in grade XI and XII. The Science stream make you eligable for any stream and faculty in the bachalour degree. So Most of the students having good grade are choosing the science stream. As the science provide high level of possibilities in the same manner it is assumed to be difficult stream as well.

Is this course for me?

This course is for you:

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This course has been developed to meet the statutory requirements of NEB.

What are the progression and employment opportunities?

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• Engineering

College offers the NEB Affiliated +2 program. Students can choose the following combined subjects.

    Grade XI

  • Compulsory English
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Computer Science or Biology

    Grade XII

  • Compulsory English
  • Compulsory English
  • Chemistry
  • Basic Mathematics or Computer Science or Biology
  • SEE Result
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